Photowalks in Shanghai

Good Morning Shanghai - Wake up Everyday to a new City

Good Morning Shanghai – Wake up Everyday to a new City

(Tsveti) Hi everyone! This time we have collected some of our best photos taken while out and about in Shanghai. First are some photos from Xintiandi – the French concession district in Shanghai. These are quite old, but we didn’t get around sharing them until now. More recent photos are the next from the Shanghai botanical garden and then a few photos taken on Thomas’ birthday :) as well as some night shots.

The last of those photos (and maybe the best) were taken in an early morning – right after the Europe Championship Final – around 5 o’clock in the morning. We decided it will probably be the last time we are up at this hour, so we headed to a nearby park to capture the sunrise :) The park was open at 5 and what surprisingly also full of people doing sports and exercise. Mostly older people, but also some young ones jogging and practising. I guess it’s the best time of the day to do sports in this season.

One park guard was very interested in the photos I was making, but sadly didn’t want me to take his picture :( Anyway, I plan on doing some street photos in the near future to show you those nice and always cheerful people :)

Here are the photos, to see them in their whole glory, please view them bin through the gallery: The thumbnails only show the central part of each image. Enjoy!

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